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Please take a few minutes to watch the TiteTie videos and learn all the different tying methods and techniques to safely secure cargo while transporting.

Father’s Day: Don’t get him socks and jocks again this Father’s Day or Christmas! The TiteTie makes for a unique gift that he will actual like and use endlessly. He can use the TiteTie to secure all types of cargo, from general garden waste around the home to trade equipment at work, the TiteTie is very versatile.

Wherever rope needs tensioning the TiteTie can be used to make the job easier!

TiteTie’s Unique “Self-Gripping Effect”
While cornering and braking as you haul your cargo, the TiteTie grips harder holding your load firm when needed the most. It does this because extra tension on the rope through the mid-section of TiteTie creates extra gripping force in the lower jaws of the TiteTie.

TiteTie is the only tie down product with this “Self-Gripping Effect” not just making it unique, but safer giving you that extra confidence for DIY hauling. Learn more about how the TiteTie works and see the many different tying methods.

Fridge Trolley / Hand Truck: Have you ever tried lifting something just that bit too big on a fridge trolley? Its back breaking work and almost impossible. With a small piece of rope and a set of TiteTies you can lift anything.

Use a TiteTie to move awkward and bulky items such as a washing machine, book shelving, fridge or couch. Secure the item to the hand truck and move it down stairs or through a narrow doorway or hall with having to remove it from the trolley.

Tying Instructions & Rope Sizes: Watch the TiteTie work on a real load using different rope types and thicknesses. TiteTie will work equally as well on braided ropes as on nylon ropes. It will also work with webbing straps.

Also watch how quick and easy it is tighten and release tension from the rope and free the cargo.

TiteTie works on Wet Rope: Watch the TiteTie work with wet rope and see why it doesn’t slip under load. TiteTie is tough, and unlike ratchet and cam buckles that need to be protected from the weather and maintained, the TiteTie has no moving parts to fail or jam up.

Surface rust is no problem for the TiteTie! It can actually add to the gripping performance. Unlike other tie down tools that wear out over time, the TiteTie is a tool that wears in, and the harsher you treat it the better it gets.

“The World’s strongest, easiest & most versatile tie down!”

Top 5 reasons why TiteTie is better than the others:

1. TiteTie works with all ropes of any size!
2. Tightens grip on rope during cornering & braking.
3. TiteTie is the strongest, rated for 900kg (1985lbs).
4. TiteTie is made from hardened steel, not plastic.
5. TiteTie works the same way as a truckers knot giving a natural mechanical advantage for greater rope tension and a stronger tie down.

TiteTie makes it possible and safer to move large and heavy items by yourself.