Use Two Ways

Use separately as two
individual tie down tools


Use stacked together & get
a no knots tie down tool

Use Two Ways

The thing that makes the TiteTie so unique is that it is made in two halves, and those two halves can be used in the same way but separately as two individual tie down tools.

When using the TiteTie this way you loose the holding power from the lower hooks, and tying off the rope is required. But from the one product you effectively get two tie down tools and two ways to use it.

This feature makes the TiteTie the world’s most affordable and versatile tie down product!

The Use Two Ways method is useful when tying down cargo is required many times during one day. As the one load is rarely the same as the next, the TiteTie gives you the flexibility to secure a wide range of cargo and cargo sizes.>

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