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Rig (Coming Soon)

Ratchet where you need it

No more poorly placed ratchet buckle to scratch your precious cargo. The Rig cargo ratchet buckle design can be placed anywhere on the strapping to suit your cargo or tie down requirements. The new Rig design means the ratchet buckle handle is pulled down to tension, not up like traditional ratchets giving better leverage for greater tension and tactile feel. Because the tying of the strapping follows the same method as a Truckers Knot, the same 2 to 1 purchase principles apply meaning you get double the tie down force on your cargo for the same effort as any other ratchets.

Cargo ratchets are widely used in many situations to secure objects for transportation or construction. This tie down ratcheting buckle integrates a draw-bridge style cam allowing the user to freely place it anywhere on the webbing. This new ratchet buckle design can be placed anywhere on the strapping to suit the user’s cargo or tie down requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Can remove ratchet from strapping.
  2. Ratchet can be placed anywhere on the strapping to suit your cargo.
  3. Strapping can be replaced when worn without having to buy another ratchet handle.
  4. Truckers Knot tying principle doubles the user’s tie down force.
  5. Ratchet is inverted resulting in tension created by pulling down on handle, not up giving greater leverage.

We’re tooling up. This means we’re working to make the machines that make the machines. We should be manufacturing this product soon.

Axis (Coming Soon)

Straight to the point

When mounting something such as shelves, a cork-board or a flat-screen TV to the wall, a trusty level is an essential tool to use, as well as measuring tape, a calculator and another set of hands. Its often difficult to translate the holes on the TV mount or shelving brackets to wall and be perfectly level and centred on the wall. Many other laser level and digital products assist in creating a level line, but done of them can be specifically tailored to the various shelving or TV bracket hole mounting positions. This leaves you measuring the bracket hole spacing and then transferring those measurements to the wall, all while hoping your measurements are accurate, level and correct.

Axis Measure Level combines all the tools you need to mark the wall easily, taking all the measuring and calculating out. It has numbered measurements on a tampered edge for precise ruling and marking, two suction cups to stick the level to the wall for hands-free marking, precise slider holes to match up with whatever bracket holes for exact marking on the wall, and a magnetic top edge for holding a bracket or just sticking your screw to. With my level you are marking the walls only where the holes will be, which is great if you plan to repair the wall later.

Retail Opportunity:

If you are a distributor or retailer looking to sell the Rig Ratchet Tie Down or the Axis Measure Level, please contact us here directly by filling out the form on the contacts page and we’ll get in contact with you soon.