Trade Rack Tie Down 2

Trade Rack Tie Down 2

The TiteTie is a very useful tool when it comes to transporting timber or items stacked on a roof rack or trade racks. In the diagram to the left is an example of how to correctly tie down planks of timber. This method is also known as “choking the load”.

Note that the rope is wrapped around the timber planks in two places. This tying technique holds the timber together while at the same time places downward force as well as lateral force preventing the timber from sliding from side to side as the vehicle is cornering.

This tying method can be applied to either side of the vehicle, and will accommodate other types of cargo including plumbing pipes, steel rods and mesh, ladders, skies, a canoe or a Christmas tree. When tying items to a roof rack or trade racks, be sure that the item you are transporting is strong enough to withstand the force of high wind created from driving at high speed.

The TiteTie when used on trade or roof racks is suitable when tying down loads such as:

  • Timber Planks
  • Pipes and Guttering
  • Garden & Building Long Handled Tools
  • Camping Equipment
  • Farm Supplies and Equipment

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