Self Hold Hoisting

Self Hold Hoisting

  1. Attach a single TiteTie close to the object to be lifted.
  2. Place the rope over a beam or pulley which will support the weight of the object to be lifted.
  3. Attach a pair of TiteTies as high as possible on the return rope.
  4. Run the rope down to the lower single TiteTie placing the rope on the hook.
  5. Bring the rope back to the pair of TiteTies placing the rope between the
  6. lower hooks.
  7. Pull down to lift.

The pair of TiteTie higher on the rope will grip the rope allowing you to let go, holding the lifted object in place. This method also makes hoisting high easier as there is no worry of slipping and dropping the lifted object. Because the TiteTie is rated for 900kgs or 1984lbs, the Self Hold Hoisting method when used with the appropriate rope is very valuable and can be used for many applications.

To lower the lifted object just slide the rope out of the pair of TiteTies leaving the rope free to slide on the lower hooks. In this position the rate of lowering is easily controlled.

TiteTies and the Self Hold Hoisting
method is particularly useful when on hunting adventures, as the TiteTie is very small and can be easily packed, and has no moving parts to jam or fail.

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