Top 5 reasons why TiteTie is BETTER than the others:


  1. TiteTie fits all types of ropes 3 to 12mm
  2. TiteTie self-tightens its grip on the rope during cornering and braking
  3. TiteTie is the strongest, rated at 900kg
  4. TiteTie is made from hardened steel, not plastic or lightweight alloy
  5. TiteTie works the same way as a trucker hitch giving a natural 2 to 1 mechanical advantage making for tighter rope tension and a stronger tie down

I had just bought a box trailer and wanted to learn how to tie a truckies knot so I Googled “truckies knot” and came across a link to your site. After watching a demo on how to tie the truckies knot and then watching your demo, it was really a no-brainer for someone who’s all thumbs like me.

I love, love, love my TiteTies! I use them instead of the truckers knot, they make it quicker to set up, and change positions

I bought my first Tite-Ties a couple of years ago from Bunnings and love them. They get regular use on my trailer. The new order is to add to my originals and some Xmas gifts for mates. Great product – simple and effective. Thanks again.

I used my Tite-Tie last week and they worked a treat. Simple to use once you get the hang of threading the rope, simple to undo. A first class purchase. Thanks for a great idea

They are certainly easy to use and would be a useful item for anyone transporting equipment needing to be securely fastened.

Hi Chris, your TiteTie is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use it whenever I need to tie something down and need to secure the loose end of the rope or twine. I never could tie a good enough knot to really secure my loads.
The knot would always slip and loosen during transport.
The TiteTie takes all the guess work out of the equation.
The first time I used it was to deliver some furniture for a customer and I couldn’t believe how tight I could get the rope. I tried to pull on the rope to try to get it loosen but with no luck. It really made me feel secure. When I arrived
at the location the load was still tightly secured. I used to have to look in my mirrors to make sure everything was OK or pull over once in awhile to check the load. I no longer have to do that and I get to my destination feeling more relaxed. They really have taken the tension off of hauling
loads. The next time I use it I will take some pictures and send them along. Thanks for coming up with such a great invention for us handicapped knot tiers.

TiteTies are excellent, work well and are easy to use, I will never have to remember how to tie a knot again.

Hi Chris
my caravan annexe is made the old fashion way where you have to tie the rope down using a truckies knot or similar knot. As I was looking for instructions to do this I came across the TiteTie website. I purchased two to try and was totally impressed. So another 13 were purchased. They are so quick and simple to used and the job of putting up the annexe is made a whole lot less stressful. Thanks

Hi Chris
Thanks so much for the prompt delivery, already have tried them and they work great, cheers.

Really easy and neat idea! Great product!