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See inside as Rob Palmer demonstrates how easy it is to use the TiteTie as he steps you through the TiteTie tying

Tite-Tied and ready to go!

If you have ever tried to tie a truckie’s knot, you’ll know how hard it is, how many different variations there are, and how hard they are to remember. Most times you forget and throw the rope over several times and end up tying it all off with a ball of knots that are impossible to untie – the Tite-Tie will put an end to that! The Tite-Tie works just a truckie’s knot minus all the finger twisting knots. It is a multi use tie down that is designed to work with your ropes and webbing. Its unique design allows a simultaneous gripping and squeezing effect when pulled tight, which means no knot tying for you! Available online at

Go Camping Magazine – Spring 2006


This innovative aid to sorting out your load-securing problems replicates the truckie’s hitch knot. The Tite-Tie will work with ropes from 3mm to 12mm and helps to secure loads in trailers and utes.

RRP $27 with free postage when ordered online at
Also available in selected Bunnings Warehouse stores.

4X4 Australia Magazine – November 2006

No more knots!

THE Tite-Tie multi use tie down replaces the old reliable truckies knot. Simple to use, the Tite-Tie works just like a truckies knot and with all rope sizes and even webbing straps. As you pull on the rope a gripping effect is created on the three vees holding the Tite-Tie on the rope, stopping it from slipping or sliding down. Simultaneously the rope squeezes the two Tite-Tie pieces together creating a squeezing effect on the lower hooks, preventing the rope from slipping back – thus no knot tying is required.

The Tite-Tie makes securing car toppers or canoes easier and a whole lot faster. Tite-Tie is available online for $27 a set at

Fishing World Magazine – February 2007

Tying the knot

The Tite-Tie is a tool that creates tension on a line and has various uses such as enhancing the control of cargo during transport. It is designed to work just like a truckie or wagoner’s hitch, but without all the knots. It’s quick and easy to use, giving you a great tie down and the confidence knowing that your cargo is safely secured. RRP: $27.00 From Mitre 10, Bunnings Warehouse and online at

Overlander 4WD Magazine – March 2007

TiteTie gets great review on Radio! Simon Stevenson selects the TiteTie for Product of the Week on his popular Home Improvement Show on 2UE Saturdays from 1pm, and on his website


As seen on Channel Nine’s Domestic Blitz demonstrated by Scott Cam during Season 4 Episode 6 Wade’s Renovation. Click the link to watch the episode at Catchup NineMSN.

Also be sure to watch Better Homes & Garden on Friday night 7.30pm October 29, Channel 7 for Rob Palmer’s TiteTie demonstration as well as road testing many other great new product ideas for Christmas.

All tied up

Trucker’s knots are incredibly strong but tying them can be difficult. With TiteTie, no skill is required. It’s simple to use, doesn’t require knots and takes only a few seconds to achieve an impressive holding capacity of up to 900kg. TiteTie is easy to release when wet or dry. It can be used with 3-12mm ropes, webbing, hoisting and as a basic block and tackle.

1. Hold a pair of TiteTies together and loop rope around them. (see Tying Method Page)

2. Loop rope around the anchor point on your vehicle, then turn the rope down between the hooks and pull tight.

Better Homes & Garden Magazine – December 2010


Look out for TiteTie advertisements on Channel 31 during great shows like Your 4×4 and River to Reef during March and April.