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Cargo Loop

Manufacturer is not responsible for loss, injury, or damage due to improper use of this product. The purchaser and their heirs assume the responsibility of ownership and risks of use. The information contained on the packaging and website are for purchasing information and illustration purposes only and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or user of this product to act safely and with caution while using this product. Carefully evaluate the weight of your cargo and choose the appropriate tie down. The use of Cargo Loops may not be the appropriate tie down for large or heavy items. DO NOT EXCEED the load limit of this product. Often cargo will settle and shift after it is in motions, which will cause slack in the tie down. It is important that after driving a short distance that the cargo is checked and tightened further if necessary. Avoid lashing over sharp edges, pinching, abrasive, or hot surfaces, or using in freezing conditions.