1. What is the TiteTie made of?

The TiteTie consists of two parts which are made of #45 carbon steel 4mm plate. These plates are stamped out to the patented TiteTie shape and folds and the directional grippers added. All the edges are smoothed and the two pieces are painted.

2. How strong is the TiteTie?

The TiteTie has a breaking strength of 900kgs. The safe load capacity for any tie down product is 1/3 of the its breaking strength stated. Although, unlike conventional tie down products such as ratchets and cam buckles, the TiteTie can be used with multiple types of ropes, and therefore it is only as strong as the rope being used. So be sure to choose the appropriate size rope for the item your are securing.

3. What size ropes can I use with the TiteTie?

The TiteTie will work with ropes sized from as small as 3mm to larger heavy duty 12mm ropes.

4. What types of rope can I use with the TiteTie?

The TiteTie will work with any braided style ropes, nylon ropes, cords, twine such as hay twine and webbing straps from 25mm to 35mm. Basically the TiteTie will work on anything you can tie a knot in.

5. What types of cargo can I secure using the TiteTie?

The TiteTie can be used to secure just about any type of cargo where you would normally use rope or webbing. It is important to select the appropriate rope for the item or items you are securing.

For example: To secure a couch and other household furniture to a trailer, select at least a 6mm braided or nylon rope. To secure a fridge or a heavy wardrobe, select a 8mm to 10mm rope.

Always inspect your rope before using it to secure cargo, and do not use if you find faults or wear.

6. Can the TiteTie be used for things other than securing cargo as a tie down?

Yes. The TiteTie can be used in any application where rope needs tensioning, such as on tent and marquee guy ropes, a camping clothesline, on the ropes of vinyl banners, or string lines.

7. Can the TiteTie be used as a Block and Tackle?

Yes. Two TiteTies can be used to create a simple Block and Tackle for jobs like hoisting or pulling heavy items. See the Tying Methods page for an example of hoisting.

8. How many TiteTies do I need?

That really depends on how large the cargo is and how long your rope is. For example small cargo can be lashed two or three times with 10 meters of rope and finished off with just one TiteTie. However, having just one set of TiteTies can limit your tie down capabilities, while having two sets of TiteTies would allow for most cargo sizes. Also the more TiteTies you use to secure the cargo, the greater the tie down tension on the cargo and the safer the load.

9. How well does the TiteTie grip the rope?

The TiteTie is designed to increase its grip on the rope while driving, cornering or braking. It does this because cornering or braking causes extra tension on the rope holding your load, and because the rope is wrapped around the mid-section of TiteTie, that creates extra gripping force in the lower jaws of the TiteTie.

Basically this means, the tighter the tension on the rope, the tighter the TiteTie will grip. No other tie down tool has this “Self Gripping Effect” technology.

10. How long will the TiteTie last?

Each TiteTie piece is made from 4mm thick steel plate and unlike conventional tie down products, has no moving parts to jam up, fail, or wear out. Every TiteTie comes with a lifetime guarantee and we are quite confident the TiteTie will last you a lifetime.

11. How long does it take ship my purchase?

Every order is processed the same day you order and your TiteTies are shipped the next day. Depending on where you live, you should receive your TiteTies within 5 working days.