Doubled Tension Technique

Doubled Tension Technique

When two sets of TiteTies are used together, you can increase your tie down tension by 4 times.

To do this simply load a set of TiteTies onto the rope following
the standard tying method. Then take one piece of the second set of TiteTies and load it onto the left-over rope going around the anchor point again and back to the TiteTie.

This has now created a pulley style system that increases your tying power by 4 times.

Because the first set of TiteTies are always gripping the rope, this allows you to release the single TiteTie piece, slide it up, load it on and pull again and again every time increasing the overall tension to the rope.

This feature makes the TiteTie the world’s most versatile and powerful tie down product, and allows you to achieve tie down tension not possible with conventional tie down tools.

The Double Tension Technique is suitable for soft loads or when multiple items need compressing to create a secure load. When using the TiteTie for this type of tie down, it can increase the tie down force by up to 4 times of a conventional rope tie down plus makes the job quicker, simple and easier to release leaving your rope free of any knots to untie.

The Double Tension Technique is suitable when tying down loads such as:

  • Garden Waste
  • Soft Building Material or Waste
  • Soft Household Furnishings
  • Camping Equipment and Bedding
  • Farming Feed and Hay

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