Double Rope No Knots Tie Down

Double Rope No Knots Tie Down

  1. Tie a knot in one end of the rope.
  2. Lash that end of the rope over the cargo and thread through an anchor point.
  3. Lash the knotted end of the rope back over the cargo again.
  4. Place the knotted end of the rope into the upper hook of the TiteTie.
  5. Load the TiteTie onto the free section of rope using the standard method.
  6. Loop rope around an anchor point and return to the TiteTie placing it between the lower hooks.
  7. Pull down to tighten and secure the cargo.

This method is great to use when the rope is too long for the cargo being secured. Or is very useful for applications where tying a knot is not suitable like on the eyelet of a tarpaulin. Or for people who have little confidence in their knot tying abilities.

This method also gives the added strength of having double the rope over the cargo, with only using one set of TiteTies.

Another benefit to this method is, as there is not knots tied to an anchor point, the cargo can be released and the TiteTie and rope gathered from one side of the vehicle.

This method is particularly useful for securing tarpaulins, guy ropes, and securing items to vehicle roof racks where there is limited space to create rope tension.

The Double Rope No Knots Tie Down method is suitable when tying down such as:

  • Items to Car Roof Racks
  • Tarpaulins on Trailers
  • Awnings on Tents and Caravans
  • Guy Ropes on Marquees and TentsPrintable Version
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